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Revision for “Pitch” created on March 27, 2015 @ 23:05:12

Perception of a sound to be a high or low sound. Pitch is the subjective interpretation of <a title="frequency" href="http://ixtranslation.com/2014/12/frequency/">frequency</a>. <h5>Example:</h5> <ul> <li>A person might set different sound notifications on their phone to mean different things. A higher pitched sound might indicate an in-coming message, a lower pitched sound might indicate a outgoing message</li> </ul> &nbsp; <h5>Other qualities of perceiving sound:</h5> <ul> <li><a href="http://ixtranslation.com/58/volume/">Volume</a></li> <li>Pitch</li> <li>Phase</li> <li>Direction</li> <li>Distance</li> <li>Timbre</li> </ul> &nbsp; <h5>Orientational:</h5> Sound is often used to orient us that something new is happening or to remind us that something is/will happen. The volume of these alerts are often user controlled, but one can imagine how layered sounds could vary in loudness. <h5>Performative:</h5> The loudness of a sound attracts our attention, especially if we're used to a mostly visual experience. <h5>Speculative:</h5> (Metaphorical) Right now sound is often used to as a last resort as important alerts, but how can sound be used more often to show orientation? As you scroll further down in a page, maybe the a noise (or screen reader) is lower pitched to indicate depth.

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March 27, 2015 @ 23:05:12 Jack
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